Today, as it was yesterday, Villa De Domo Alberini is the ideal place with unquestionable charm to accommodate elegant receptions, ceremonies, gala dinners and events.
In addition, the “Limonaia” adjacent to the Villa, offers indoor and outdoor spaces for meetings, team builidings, exhibitions and conferences.
The Villa is positioned in an ideal setting allowing visitors to admire a breathtaking view. With many years of accurate restoration, the objective was to focus on the adaptation of a historic home to meet the modern demands of enjoying the space, which led to its further increase in value.

Outside, the beautiful garden can accommodate a large crowd of guests enriching the evening with the possibility of musical entertainment, making it an unforgettable event.


Near the UNESCO site of San Salvatore’s Basilica , a few kilometers from Spoleto along the ancient road of Nursina, you can reach the Villa going along a mysterious road in the secular woods. The latin writer Cicero already had mentioned the residence of General Titus Matrinius in 100 BC. The Villa and the surrounding residential complexes have expanded over the course of the centuries in 1700 to its present formation.

Lorenzo De Domo Alberini expanded it in 1784 with the aid of the architect Francesco Angelo Amadio. In addition, he had it completely decorated by renowned artists of that time creating a sense of trompe-l’oeil, a fantastic world in which there was a mixture of a sacred and profane and without a doubt one of the leading themes of the whole project: a unicum in the rich repertoire of the Italian farmhomes.

The Villa is conceived as a fantastic meeting place, and has been used over time by the owners to welcome the distinguished individuals who visit Spoleto.

Among these individuals, we remember Pope Leo XII (belonging to the same family) and Pope Pio IX. Recent guests have been some of the most important individuals of culture, art and entertainment in the various editions of the Festival of Two Worlds, such as Giancarlo Menotti, Thomas Schippers, Rudolf Nureyev, Luchino Visconti, Ezra Pound, Pablo Neruda, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Balthus, Romolo Valli, Luciano Pavarotti, Toquinho and many others.

Inside the Villa there is a splendid courtyard richly decorated of approx. sqm. 200 where there is a Chapel that can be used for religious functions.

The structure, completed by a large Italian garden and immersed in a luxurious park, has kept its characteristics intact by becoming an exclusive meeting point for conferences and cultural events.

Such activities are ideally staged in the elegant and nearby Limonaia (lemon house.) The Lemon house which faces the main garden; is destined to hold important cultural and artistic events.


Next to Villa’s main garden, beautifully restored, is used for cultural and artistic events. A unique and versatile usable as a support to the garden or to the rooms of the Villa for a multitude of purposes: business meetings, conferences, screenings shows, dining room, ballroom, shelter in case bad weather, etc.
Capacity: 120 people. Surface sqm. 130, with services.

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